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What to Consider Before Getting Your Car Repainted

Your brand-new car has a paint job that’s been refined over the years by countless designers and engineers. The hue, layers and sealants all play a role in the durability of the finish. Over time, however, the paint job may decline. Age and weathering will take their toll. If you’ve been considering a paint job, take some time to really research the subject. Getting your car painted has both its advantages and drawbacks.

Painting a Vehicle Takes Time

Before you decide on getting your car painted, understand that you’ll be without your car for at least a week. In many cases, this estimate is generous. It might be in the shop for longer than that period of time. Everything depends on the original paint’s condition. The advertised time of three to five days by many companies is working on best-case scenarios. Your car has several layers of paint, including:

  • Clear coat
  • Base coat
  • Primer

The vehicle’s metal body is the next layer. Our quality, paint job includes the preparation work that it takes to create a smooth base for your new color. If you’ve ever painted a room in a home, you know that cleaning and sanding the surfaces is critical work to the project’s success. This same theory applies to car paint. Initially, your painting experts will probably perform cutting and sanding into the painted surfaces. All of this prep work takes time. The vehicle’s surface area also influences the painting time. An SUV will take significantly longer to complete than a compact car, for instance. When the prep work is complete, your car receives the intended color. Remember that there are layers involved in this process too. Adding one layer of color won’t do the job. A car paint job estimator tool includes all of the required layers. The vehicle goes through several applications of primer, color and sealants. If you’ve requested a certain style, such as decorative accents, they’ll be carefully woven into the paint. Every paint layer and accent takes time because of dry periods. Consider the wait for the car as a comment on the work’s quality. You don’t want a poor-quality paint job. The general wait time tells you that the layers are being added with care.

New Paint Won’t Fix Everything

Vintage or older cars have seen a lot of action on the road. It makes sense if they have a few dings along the original paint. A mistake that many people make before getting their car painted is overestimating the power of a new color. A new paint job won’t fix every issue on the car. Dents and dings will still be there. If you remember the layers of a standard paint job, you know that the new layers will have a certain sheen to them. They’ll reflect the curves of the car. This scenario is what you’re looking for with a perfect surface. However, those surface anomalies will suddenly stand out with the new paint across it. Before you run a car paint job estimator on your vehicle, think about repairing the surface issues now. These problems might include:

  • Pitting
  • Holes
  • Rusty sections
  • Dents
  • Scratches

In reality, it’s a great time for a surface project. Removing or repairing certain damages requires a good sanding and preparation job at the paint level. The car might be partially prepared for a new paint job after the repairs are completed anyway. Allow our professionals to cut, fill and sand out those surface anomalies. In many cases, it’s mostly the damages that stand out as problems instead of the color itself. Adding a paint job after the repairs will only make the car look brand new once again. Consider a repair facility that can handle both the repairs and paint job in a single service order. The work will take time, but it will have a quality look to it afterward.

Car Paint Prices Vary

A car paint job estimator will vary among service providers. There’s no standard cost when it comes to this work. In fact, many mechanics see a paint job as a work of art. You want a quality project at a reasonable price. Before you pick any place to get your car painted, ask for several estimates. They should be detailed accounts of the work. Some of the services might include:

  • Specific sections to be painted
  • Including any interior work
  • Patching any damages

Take a look at where the original paintwork has been applied. It’s not just on the exterior surfaces. The color wraps around the doors, hatchback and into trunks. The hood has color on the interior surfaces too. All of these areas must be considered during a color estimate. The work that’s quoted must stipulate that these areas will be serviced. You have an incomplete paint job otherwise. Verify that the prep work is included in the estimate. The labor for the prep work may be more than the paint itself. This scenario is normal. The prep is often more labor intensive than any other process on the car. Be clear about the paint’s type too. You want a high-quality paint added to the car. These materials will vary widely on price. Don’t pick the cheapest paint. It will reflect its value on the car. If you’re taking a big step to paint the car, do it right with quality colors. A clear coat must always be part of the finishing touches. It should be listed on the estimate. Ask the service provider to explain each step too. You deserve to know how the car will be molded into a new color.  

Painting Requires Removing the Cars Interior

Another component to getting your car painted is preparation within the vehicle. Removing the interior in its entirety may be necessary. Consider these components as removal candidates, including:

  • Seats
  • Plastic consoles
  • Dashboard

Depending on the car paint job estimator, these items may or may not be included within the estimate. They should be expected parts to your service, however. A quality service includes smaller details. The color within the door’s frame, for example, is part of the paint job. There are other color details that extend well into the vehicle’s interior. Our professionals cannot work around the seats and other components. It’s always better to remove them. The professionals can reach those tiny crevices without any excess paint touching your unpainted surfaces. Be wary of any service provider that claims the components can be worked around. A questionable paint job is normally the end result of these services. To prepare for your service, be sure to remove everything possible from the car. Items in the glove box, seat covers and trinkets in the storage areas should be removed. Clearing out the car makes the work easier for the service provider. They merely concentrate on the major components. When the job is done, be sure to evaluate every aspect of the car. Reputable providers reinstall the interior components to factory specifications. No item should be loose or out of place. These components are only returned to the car when the paint dries. No paint anomalies should be present. Always seek out professionals when it comes to your next paint job. If you truly want to change the vehicle’s color, our team can make that dream a reality. Use our car paint job estimator in order to understand the investment. Cruising down the road with a new color can brighten anyone’s day. Don’t let your car be a roadblock for you. Get in touch with CBS Collision today. For your convenience, CBS Collision has three locations ready to serve you, or you can use the estimate tool to send photos straight to CBS Collision for your estimate

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