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Seat Belt Safety

How does your vehicle know when you aren’t buckled in? Have you ever wondered how this “buckle up” reminder works? Furthermore, have you ever stopped to test your seatbelt sensor after a wreck? Probably not.

Seat Belt Sensors

Seat belt sensors or seat belt switches are used in a wide array of industries, the two most popular being the automotive and airline industries. Your vehicle can have several types of sensors: passenger seat weight sensor, speed sensors, and buckle connection sensors. Your dash indicator light and/or alarm will trigger when a predetermined conditional action takes place, such as you putting your car in drive without buckling your seatbelt.

Reed Switch

What is a reed switch, and what does it have to do with your seatbelt safety? A reed switch is an electrical switch that is triggered by the application of a magnetic field. Once the weight is applied to the seat, the magnet moves closer to the reed switch and signals the processor. This gives your car the ability to only alert you if there is someone actually sitting in the seat. Inside of your seatbelt hoster, there is a magnet and a reed switch, set at a certain distance from one another. When you insert your seatbelt lock, it comes in between the two. The magnet’s field is pushed away and the reed switch opens. This is how your car knows that you have buckled your seat belt. This method has been used for decades and is one of the most reliable ways to detect that your seatbelt has been engaged.

Enable the Airbags

Once your vehicle has determined that you are in the seat and that you have your seatbelt buckled, it moves onto the next step: enabling the airbags. Oh, now we have your attention! If the seatbelt buck is not engaged, your vehicle will display a sign that says that the airbags are off. This symbol looks like a person sitting down with their seat belt ON.

Seatbelt Safety

Now that you know how your seatbelt reminder works, maybe now you realize how important it is to make sure all of your vehicles safety components are working and are in good condition. In order for your vehicle to keep you safe, it must be properly set up go through the steps we mentioned earlier. Seat belt reminders are just one of the many tools used in order to make sure you and your passengers are safe. You want to make sure, especially after being involved in a wreck, that your vehicle can still sense everything it needs to so that it can make the proper adjustments to ensure you are as protected as possible if another accident were to occur. If you see sensors light up that don’t quite look right to you, do not ignore them. They are there for YOUR protection. CBS Collision is a full-service collision repair shop capable of repairing any type of vehicle. If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, even if you don’t feel like the damage is significant, give us a call. At CBS, we are experts when it comes to collision repair, and we know exactly what to check to make sure you can get back on the road safely! We specialize in auto body repair and painting, hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, auto detailing, glass repair and glass replacement. Don’t let your car be a roadblock for you. Get in touch with CBS Collision today. For your convenience, CBS Collision has three locations ready to serve you, or you can use the estimate tool to send photos straight to CBS Collision for your estimate.