Low-Cost Ways to Remove a Car Dent

For larger dents or if the dent may compromise the safety of your car, you definitely need to have a professional auto repair shop, such as CBS Collision. But if you get a mysterious dent while you were at the mall or grocery store, it’s more than likely from a runaway cart or someone else’s door. Depending on the shape and impression of the dent, you can use heat and cold to possibly return the surface to its original position. Car dings and round dents are the easiest to repair because the metal memory will still be intact for the most part. In a crease type of dent, it will be harder, if not impossible for you to fix on your own. You’ll need to call CBS Collision because you could potentially end up doing more damage to your car, instead of fixing the small dent. We’ll explore some of the top examples of what we’ve heard will fix and dent, and tell you whether or not these are facts or fiction:

Getting a Car Dent Out With a Hair Dryer

According to the internet, you will need compressed air to generate enough colder air to make the metal react. You plug up the hairdryer, heat up the middle of the dent until it is too hot to touch or until you start to smell plastic, whichever happens first. Turn the can upside down and blow until the dent pops back into place. FICTION! A hair dryer will not fix a dent by itself. Most cars use a combination of metal and plastic to form the bumper or side panels. Results for this will vary based on the make and age of your vehicle and the size of the dent, as well.

Remove a Car Dent With a Plunger

According to the internet, if you use a cup plunger, drench the area around the dent with water, and position the plunger over the dent and use a strong arm to apply pressure. This will pop the dent out. FACT! This method will work for rounded dents and small to medium ding. For some makes of vehicles, you may find better results if you apply heat before using the plunger method.

Get a Car Dent Out with Other Suction Tools

The internet says that you should purchase your desired suction tools, such as camera mounts or other bathroom accessory suction mounts. Follow the same steps as you would for a plunger. Apply water to the affected area, and use the suction tool to pop out the dent. The same as above, adding heat may aid in this process. FACT! These tools are normally just as capable as a plunger for removing dents. You can also use an anchor to pull out the metal if need be.

Remove a Car Dent With Dry Ice

According to online sources, this method uses -109.3 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of dry ice or frozen carbon dioxide to pop out car dents. Wear insulated gloves to avoid getting frostbite on your hands or fingers. You’ll want to heat the surface up as hot as you can get it. Put your gloves on and wrap the dry ice with a towel. Place the dry ice in the middle of the dent and rub the dry ice around the surrounding area. You should continue this for about 15 minutes. The dent should pop back into place. FICTION! You may very well see some improvements, but as soon as the outdoor temperature hits the dent, the dent will reappear. This is not a long term solution, by any means.

…Or Boiling Water for Car Dents

The internet says that this method is best for those who have bumpers made of plastic material. Basically, you boil the water, pour it into the dent and the surrounding area. Then, you reach under the bumper and push the dent out with your hand. FACT! This method does work for plastic bumpers. The hot water softens the plastic enough so that you can push the protruding part of the concave dent and make it straight again! CBS Collision is a full-service collision repair shop capable of repairing any type of vehicle. CBS Collision specializes in auto body repair and painting, hail damage repair, paintless dent repair, auto detailing, glass repair and glass replacement. Don’t let your car be a roadblock for you. Get in touch with CBS Collision today. For your convenience, CBS Collision has three locations ready to serve you, or you can use the estimate tool to send photos straight to CBS Collision for your estimate.

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