If you’re involved in a fender bender, chances are that you’re going to need bumper repair. Even though the cost for this varies, you should consider having your bumper repaired as soon as possible.

Four Factors that Determine Car Bumper Repair Cost

A range of factors determines how much it will cost to have your car bumper repaired. Having a general understanding of each factor may help you get a better idea of the final costs. It’s important to note that just because a bumper doesn’t look “so bad” doesn’t mean there isn’t extensive damage under the hood, and vice-versa, just because you see a big dent, doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a difficult one to remove! Here are the typical factors that determine how much a car bumper repair will cost at CBS Collision:

1. The Extent of Bumper Damage

When it comes time to determine the cost of repairs, the extent of the bumper damage is obviously a significant factor. The most common and basic include fixing a bumper with scratches or small dents. In other cases, the bumper itself may be cracked. Whether the damage is on the front side or rear side will also affect the bumper repair cost. Typically front end damage will cost more to repair than rear damage.

2. Labor Involved in Repairing or Replacing the Bumper

You will first need to determine whether or not the bumper can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. A replacement will cost more. If your bumper has to be removed to repair, it will cost more, as well.

3. Paint Required for Bumper Repair

When it comes to any type of service. The cost basically boils down to two factors: labor and materials. Even something as small as a cosmetic paint job could require hours of labor if the damage is extensive enough. A fresh coat of paint will help your car maintain its value and protects your car from the elements to come.

4. Repairs Related to Your Bumper

Sometimes, there may be more repair work behind the bumpers that you don’t initially see. This could vary from the air intake system, the lights, etc. Most of the time, bumper damage does not occur in isolation.

Bumper Scratches

A scratched bumper can vary wildly in repair costs. The severity will dramatically impact costs. A bumper scratch can range from a $70 do-it-yourself kit at home to $1500 to fix a severely damaged base coat with paints, supplies, labor, etc.

Bumper Dents

Dents can be categorized similarly to scratches. If the dent isn’t serious, some are able to remedy this at home. If the dent is severe, the repair will cost between $450-$900. Modern-day bumpers are not part of a more complex system. In order to repair a dent, often times, technicians may have to disconnect lights, airbag deployments structures, cameras, and anti-theft systems. If the dent is severe enough that it damages a vital safety feature of the car, the bumper may have to be replaced.

A Bumper that is Falling Off

If your bumper is severely damaged, in such a way that it is falling off, it needs to be replaced. The primary function of a front and rear bumper is to aid in protecting the car and passengers if an accident were to occur. If the bumper is falling off, it will not protect anyone much.

Cost to Repaint a Bumper

When a bumper only requires a new coat of paint, the costs for this are relatively stable. Unless your bumper requires a luxury coat of paint, repaint should cost anywhere between $150-$300, in general.

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