If you get into a front end car crash, the damage to your car can range from dings, dents, and paint chips all the way to major frame damage. The individual circumstances of your wreck will determine your front end collision repair cost.

Often, the most expensive damages aren’t visible to the average driver. These can include damages to the transmission, electrical systems, or engine and fueling system.

In this post, our experts at CBS Collision will go over some ballpark estimates on front end collision repair costs in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Remember that none of these estimates will be as accurate as a custom-tailored quote based on your car’s unique damage and specs.

Front End Collision Repair Cost: Dings, Dents, and Paint 

Costs for repairing body damage like dings and dents will depend on their size. Smaller dents will usually stay below $100, while large dents may cost well over $150. 

Exterior paint chip repair after a front end collision will also depend on the amount of damage. It can cost as little as $50 for a small paint chip and as much as $300 for a larger one.

As we mentioned, it is entirely possible to bring your car in for a ding or dents and to end up with more serious repairs. Auto body technicians may find more serious damage under the hood, with a car diagnostic test.

Front End Collision Repair Cost: Frame Damage 

When a vehicle sustains an impact such as a front end collision with another car, it can compromise the structure of the car. Auto body technicians call this “frame damage”.

A front-end impact can affect the following:

  • Front cross member
  • Front frame rail
  • Spring pod
  • Main cross member
  • Torque

Repairing frame damage can be costly, but it’s essential that your frame is in working order. Driving with a bent car frame can affect the way your car drives and can affect your safety if you get into another crash.

The time and money to fix front end frame damage will depend on the extent of the wreck. Many shops have frame straightening machines that use lasers to determine the amount of damage. With these diagnostics, a trustworthy collision repair shop can make an appropriate estimate of labor time and cost.

Front End Collision Repair Cost: Shattered or Cracked Windows

Glass breakage is common in a serious front end collision. Windshield breakage is most common, but the rear windshield and the side windows can also break or shatter in a front end collision.  

The cost of replacing your front windshield depends on what kind of car you drive. A front windshield for a high-priced car like a Mercedes-Benz could be quite expensive. For a less expensive car, you might be looking at a few hundred dollars.

Replacing rear windshields won’t be as expensive as replacing front windshields. If your rear windshield has defrosting panels, the front end collision repair cost and repair time will increase due to the electrical work. 

Your side windows will be less expensive than either of your windshields due to their size. Side windows run at about a few hundred dollars apiece and are relatively easy to install.

Front End Collision Repair Cost: Wheel and Tire Issues

When you get into a front end collision, damage to your wheels can range from a flat tire to a bent wheel. A flat tire won’t cost you much. If you take it to a shop for repair, costs may range from $5 to $40. But depending on the damage, you may need a completely new tire. 

Tire replacement cost depends on the size of your vehicle. A tire for a four-door sedan will be cheaper than a tire for an SUV. 

In a front end collision, a bent wheel usually accompanies a flat tire. The flat is an easy fix, but the bent wheel is a different matter altogether. Straightening the wheel is essential. 

In the case of major damage, it could take up to 24 hours to straighten a bent wheel. Technicians will place the bent wheel on a machine that determines the bend, heats the area, and bends it back into shape. 

The front end collision repair cost to fix a bent wheel will depend on the size of the wheel. If the damage to the wheel is too serious, the cheaper option is to replace the wheel entirely.

Front End Collision Repair Cost: Internal Damage

Front end collision damage can be entirely cosmetic. But often, if there is enough body damage to warrant serious repairs, there may be some internal damage as well. 

It isn’t unusual for a technician to find serious internal damage while repairing front end collision damage. 

Internal damage includes wiring, transmission, engine or fuel system problems. The time technicians need to fix these problems differs, but they’re all pretty expensive to fix. Repair costs for wiring can range up to $400, while transmission and engine replacement can cost all the way up to several thousand.  

Blanket Quote for Collision Repair

All of the above prices are simple ballpark estimates or blanket quotes based on the make, model of your car and the extent of the damage you were in. As we mentioned, it is always possible technicians could find other issues while repairing your front end collision damages. Your front end collision damage may not always be immediately visible. 

Even if you and your auto shop have ironed out a quote, there’s always a chance something else might come to light.

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