How much does collision repair cost? Any time we escape a collision unscathed, we should be thankful, but what about our cars? When a collision leaves your vehicle damaged, the first thing most of us think about is collision repair costs.

There are many elements to consider when you’re looking at collision repair costs. In the following post, collision repair experts at CBS Collision will detail some of the questions you should be asking about car crash repair. They will also explain some collision repair cost examples.

Can I Repair My Car After a Collision?

When your car has sustained damage in a collision, the first step is assessing the visible damage. Check the wheels; are they bent out of place? Did the airbags deploy? 

Sometimes your best option is to consider your car’s value. Will your collision repair costs exceed that value?

But most of the time your insurance company will make that decision for you. 

If the vehicle sustained minimal damage like a bent fender, a damaged door or a broken headlight, your collision repair costs will be minimal. 

If your insurance company does, in fact, deem your car repairable, you will need a reputable auto body shop to complete your repairs.

How Much Are Collision Repair Costs?

Just like every car accident is unique, every car crash repair is unique. It all comes down to how bad the damage is and what type of car you have. Some more luxury cars have more expensive parts and are more difficult to repair. 

Most repair shops will give you a ballpark estimate, and that’s really all we can give you here. Your actual collision repair costs will remain unknown until the repairs actually begin. 

But in very mild crashes where there is no frame damage or damage to other core components of the vehicle, your repairs will be cost-effective.

Collision Repair Cost Examples

For instance, picture light damage to a 2008 Toyota Camry in a rear-end collision. Picture a bent fender, a broken door, maybe cracked headlights. Your estimated collision repair costs may range anywhere from $1500 to $2500. It could be less, it could be more, all depending on your location and type of vehicle. 

Now, imagine another scenario: a more severe crash with that same vehicle. There is extensive frame damage. At that point, even if it is an older vehicle, the collision repair costs will be much higher. 

That’s just a rear-end accident. Front-end collisions are usually much more serious. Front-end collisions usually equal deployed airbags and even engine damage. At this point, it’s impossible to gauge your collision repair costs without letting an auto body technician actually examine your vehicle. 

With front-end collisions, techs often discover more mechanical problems as they’re repairing body damage. In this way, your collision repair costs can become quite high. 

These are all very general: let’s go a little more in-depth about front-end versus rear-end collision repair, as well as side collisions.

How Much Does Front End Collision Repair Cost?

A front-end collision is when the front of your car collides with something else. These are the most dangerous types of accidents. There might be significant damage to the front end suspension and to the frame.

Damages that can result from a front-end collision include:

  • Engine damage
  • Transmission damage
  • Frame damage 
  • Suspension damage 

Your car crash repair costs are likely going to be much higher with a front-end collision. There might be leaking fluids or frame damage, both of which will be expensive repairs. 

How Much Does Rear-End Collision Repair Cost?

A rear-end collision occurs when something collides with the back of your car. These are accidents that commonly occur during rush hour and in heavy traffic. While they are not usually as severe as front-end collisions, they can still be quite expensive. 

When evaluating rear-end collision damage, technicians will examine the car’s damage as a whole. This is because rear-end collisions can be the catalyst for more damage throughout the vehicle. 

Some of the less obvious damages from a rear-end collision include:

  • Differential damage
  • Axle damage 
  • Frame damage 

After a rear-end collision you should look out for:

  • Leaking fluids 
  • Rear frame damage 

How Much Does Side Impact Collision Repair Cost?

Many people know these accidents as T-bone accidents. They typically happen when someone runs a red light or a four-way stop sign. Most of the damage will be in the door area.

Some of the damage you can expect from a side collision is:

  • Frame damage
  • Engine damage
  • Drivetrain damage 

After a side collision you should look out for:

  • Leaking fluids
  • Rear frame damage

How Much Does a Rollover Collision Cost to Repair?

These types of collisions are highly dangerous and almost always result in a totaled car. When a car rolls over, every side sustains damage. Rollovers can cause severe frame damage and are common with cars and trucks that are higher off the ground. 

Damages you can expect from a rollover collision:

  • Extensive frame damage 
  • Power and drivetrain damage
  • Total loss 

Is it Safe to Drive A Collision-Repaired Car?

If your collision repair was extensive, you may be a bit nervous to drive your car again when you get it back. Of course, as long as you are using a reputable auto body shop, you have nothing to worry about. But just in case you want to be sure for yourself, here are a few things to look for when you get your car back from an auto body shop:

  • Your SRS light. If this light is on, it could mean the airbags are out of place. It is not safe to drive without proper airbags. 
  • Your car’s alignment. Granted, you will probably not be able to tell this just by looking. When you drive your car, make sure it’s driving straight and not pulling to one side. 
  • Leaking fluid. If there is leaking fluid, there may be a core component of your vehicle still damaged.

If there is no damage to any of these parts after a collision repair, your car is quite safe to drive. 

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